The management ensured to have well equipped Mechanical instruments for the lab to provide more practical exposure for the students of the college. The list of equipments includes:

  • Work Shop.

  • Foundry & forging Lab.

  • Welding Lab.

  • Machine Shop.

  • FM & Hydraulics Lab.

  • Servicing Maintenance Lab.

  • Material Testing Lab.

  • Heat Engines & R & A/C Lab.

  • Fuels Lab.

The aim of the Mechanical department is to meet the requirements of the students based on the needs. The other responsibilities of the wing are to organize different workshops and also conduct seminars by inviting experts of the industry to give more exposure to the students related to the platform. Apart from the technical aspects, they also provide training sessions on soft skills to ensure that students are groomed to have great qualities built in them that include quality, attitude, commitment and integrity.