College Calendar for the A.Y 2018-19 II semester

Week DATE Day Event EVENT PLAN Beneficiary
week-1 19-Nov-2018 Monday
20-Nov-2018 Tuesday
21-Nov-2018 Wednesday Milad-un-Nabi holiday
22-Nov-2018 Thursday Thanks-giving Day FEM Faculty
23-Nov-2018 Friday
24-Nov-2018 Saturday
25-Nov-2018 Sunday
week-2 26-Nov-2018 Monday
27-Nov-2018 Tuesday
28-Nov-2018 Wednesday
29-Nov-2018 Thursday FEM Faculty
30-Nov-2018 Friday
01-Dec-2018 Saturday missile launch,rocket launch by Dr.A.murali vara prasad Guest lecture student
02-Dec-2018 Sunday
week-3 03-Dec-2018 Monday
04-Dec-2018 Tuesday seminar to III STM student
05-Dec-2018 Wednesday
06-Dec-2018 Thursday FEM Faculty
07-Dec-2018 Friday Assignment-1 instructions to all the students student
08-Dec-2018 Saturday Second Saturday,seminar to II student
09-Dec-2018 Sunday
week-4 10-Dec-2018 Monday
11-Dec-2018 Tuesday
12-Dec-2018 Wednesday
13-Dec-2018 Thursday FEM Faculty
14-Dec-2018 Friday assignment-1 submission target
15-Dec-2018 Saturday FDP,Guest lecture-HOW TO WRITE A RESEARCH PAPER BY K.BHANU PRAKASH KLU Faculty
16-Dec-2018 Sunday
week-5 17-Dec-2018 Monday
18-Dec-2018 Tuesday seminar to III STM student
19-Dec-2018 Wednesday
20-Dec-2018 Thursday FEM Faculty
21-Dec-2018 Friday
22-Dec-2018 Saturday Assignment-2 instructions to all the students,seminar to II student
23-Dec-2018 Sunday
week-6 24-Dec-2018 Monday
25-Dec-2018 Tuesday Christmas
26-Dec-2018 Wednesday
27-Dec-2018 Thursday FEM Faculty
28-Dec-2018 Friday
29-Dec-2018 Saturday assignment-2 submission target
30-Dec-2018 Sunday
week-7 31-Dec-2018 Monday
01-Jan-2019 Tuesday New Year
02-Jan-2019 Wednesday seminar to III CSE
03-Jan-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
04-Jan-2019 Friday
05-Jan-2019 Saturday seminar to II STM student
06-Jan-2019 Sunday
week-8 07-Jan-2019 Monday
08-Jan-2019 Tuesday Assignment-3 instructions to all the students student
09-Jan-2019 Wednesday
10-Jan-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
11-Jan-2019 Friday
12-Jan-2019 Saturday second Saturday ,Youth Day(SWAMI.VIVEKANDA BIRTHDAY)
Youth Day(SWAMI.VIVEKANDA BIRTHDAY)second Saturday
assignment-3 submission target
13-Jan-2019 Sunday pongal
week-9 14-Jan-2019 Monday
15-Jan-2019 Tuesday
16-Jan-2019 Wednesday
17-Jan-2019 Thursday I-Mid FEM Faculty
18-Jan-2019 Friday student
19-Jan-2019 Saturday STM
20-Jan-2019 Sunday
week-10 21-Jan-2019 Monday
22-Jan-2019 Tuesday
23-Jan-2019 Wednesday
24-Jan-2019 Thursday Girl Child Day FEM Faculty
25-Jan-2019 Friday votersDay student
26-Jan-2019 Saturday Republic Day student
27-Jan-2019 Sunday
week-11 28-Jan-2019 Monday PTM student
29-Jan-2019 Tuesday seminar to III STM student
30-Jan-2019 Wednesday
31-Jan-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
01-Feb-2019 Friday
02-Feb-2019 Saturday seminar to II student
03-Feb-2019 Sunday
week-12 04-Feb-2019 Monday
05-Feb-2019 Tuesday
06-Feb-2019 Wednesday
07-Feb-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
08-Feb-2019 Friday Assignment-4 instructions to all the students student
09-Feb-2019 Saturday Second Saturday
10-Feb-2019 Sunday
week-13 11-Feb-2019 Monday
12-Feb-2019 Tuesday seminar to III STM student
13-Feb-2019 Wednesday
14-Feb-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
15-Feb-2019 Friday assignment-4 submission target
16-Feb-2019 Saturday seminar to II student
17-Feb-2019 Sunday
week-14 18-Feb-2019 Monday
19-Feb-2019 Tuesday
20-Feb-2019 Wednesday
21-Feb-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
22-Feb-2019 Friday Assignment-5 instructions to all the students student
23-Feb-2019 Saturday
24-Feb-2019 Sunday
week-15 25-Feb-2019 Monday
26-Feb-2019 Tuesday seminar to III STM student
27-Feb-2019 Wednesday assignment-5 submission target
28-Feb-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
01-Mar-2019 Friday
02-Mar-2019 Saturday seminar to II student
03-Mar-2019 Sunday
week-16 04-Mar-2019 Monday Shiva ratri
05-Mar-2019 Tuesday
06-Mar-2019 Wednesday
07-Mar-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
08-Mar-2019 Friday Hands-on workshop on IOT/Bigdata student
09-Mar-2019 Saturday Second Saturday
10-Mar-2019 Sunday
week-17 11-Mar-2019 Monday
12-Mar-2019 Tuesday STM student
13-Mar-2019 Wednesday
14-Mar-2019 Thursday FEM Faculty
15-Mar-2019 Friday
16-Mar-2019 Saturday Assignment-6 instructions to all the students student
17-Mar-2019 Sunday
week-18 18-Mar-2019 Monday
19-Mar-2019 Tuesday
20-Mar-2019 Wednesday assignment-6 submission target
21-Mar-2019 Thursday Holi FEM Faculty
22-Mar-2019 Friday
23-Mar-2019 Saturday
24-Mar-2019 Sunday
week-19 25-Mar-2019 Monday II-MID instructions student
26-Mar-2019 Tuesday
27-Mar-2019 Wednesday
28-Mar-2019 Thursday
29-Mar-2019 Friday
30-Mar-2019 Saturday
STM Student Teacher meeting
FEM Faculty Empowerment meeting
PTM Parent Teacher meeting