EzSchool is a comprehensive and reliable ERP solution designed specifically for educational institutions. The software has been designed for all kinds of institutions, ranging from schools to large professional colleges. The wide range of functions available in EzSchool cover every aspect of educational institute administration, so that, you can completely automate your processes.

The software can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific requirements by adding or removing different modules and thus, becomes more cost-effective. You can use EzSchool to manage the data of all your branches conveniently and accurately.

The main features of EzSchool are:

  •   Setting up the organizational structure – EzSchool provides you the facility of setting up the basic structure of your institute through a single window. In this window you can set up the classes, sections, the subjects that would be applicable to different classes, the fee structure applicable to different classes and also, the exams applicable to the different classes.
  •  Fee collection – EzSchool helps you manage your fee collection efficiently and without any errors. You can easily set up the fee structures and schedules for different classes and courses. You can manage the collection and make changes in fee structure whenever required. You can integrate the fee collection with your accounting processes so that voucher generation is taken care of, automatically.
  •  Admissions – EzSchool helps you to monitor your admissions process right from the starting of an enquiry through the sale of applications, entrance tests and finally the admission of a student. Further, it also helps you manage the follow-up of enquiries.
  •  Attendance – EzSchool provides you a complete set of functions for managing both staff and student attendance. These functions help you with everything from basic marking of attendance, to generating complex reports related to the same. These functions help you monitor discipline in your organization properly, and make better informed decisions.
  • Exams – Plan different exams, manage exam results.
  • Time Table – Create time-tables and use the available staff efficiently with EzSchool.
  •  Accounts – EzSchool provides you a complete suite of accounting functions integrated within it. These functions assist you in everything from creating accounts, making voucher entries to generating the final reports.
  •  Payroll – EzSchool helps you with the setting up of the complete pay structure of your organization and managing the payroll efficiently and accurately. It also helps you manage the incentives, allowances and advances, etc. EzSchool takes care of all accounting aspects related to payroll with the help of simple configurations.
  •  Hostel – EzSchool also provides you many features related to hostels, such as room allocation, mess management, students’ pocket money management, etc.
  •  Inventory – With EzSchool you can manage your supplier details, purchase orders, and store inventory, etc., in a better way.
  •  Interactive Voice Response system – You can use EzSchool to modernize your services to parents by the inbuilt voice response system. You can link your database to voice files so that parents’ queries are solved automatically through telephone.
  • Messaging Service – EzSchool also provides you the facility to send pre-written messages to students and their parents through a click of a button. You can send messages in both e-mail and SMS formats.

Apart from the above, EzSchool provides many more functionalities, all of which are covered in this manual, later.

EzSchool provides a multiple user interface, wherein each user can be configured by the administrator to have specific rights of usage. Further, the users can be divided into different groups with each group having its own set of rights over the functions of the software. You can install the software on a central server from where different users can access it on their systems. This way you can limit the functions that a user can perform in the application, and thus, limit any unwanted modifications, or unauthorized access to important data.

EzSchool is a Windows based application and incorporates the same user interface as any other Windows based applications. This makes using it even more easier.