1. CEC An inspiring campusHabitually, campus refers to the infrastructure of an institution that includes lush green surroundings, modern classrooms, advanced libraries, seminar halls, state-of-the-art auditoriums, student cafes & restaurants, sports centres etc. These are visible-tangible elements of the campus. A place which creates a positive aura & an environment that is welcoming for the students is equally or perhaps more important. In an ideal campus, one can feel the palpable energy & a great deal of enthusiasm. Students, especially in their first year, have a lot on their shoulders & it is the responsibility of the institution to provide them safe & comfortable learning environment. A place of learning that puts forth mutual respect for the teaching & student community and facilitates positive interactions & relationships, implicitly plays on the students’ minds.
  2. Academics –building effective teaching strategies & develops a positive relationship with students. Participative learning & student engagement will make it a conducive environment for knowledge transfer.

  3. In-campus programmes –Workshops, conferences, seminars, research group-initiatives are proven ways to get a higher education community closer and ease of getting placements.
  4. Focus on research –Within the campus, the people involved in research should receive unrestricted support & mentoring to stimulate a culture of innovation and creativity.
  5. Strong career services—‘Fun inside the campus’ is the primary requirement of students. By making learning an enjoyable process, both college and students are at an advantage.