This department was established with a vision to consolidating basics of sciences and English Language. The faculty of the department is well trained to strengthen the fundamental principles of the students to comprehend the core engineering subjects.

The Department of Humanities and Sciences offers courses of study on basic Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematiucs and English during the first  year of the B.Tech course, PG course  as per the JNTUK norms, Diploma course as per the Board norms. Students pursuing Engineering courses should undergo the study of basic sciences, since Engineering is nothing but the application of Science.

The department of Humanities and Sciences attempts at integrating human values and social concerns with technical education. It undertakes teaching and research programmes in the areas of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Studies. The Department has well trained, dedicated senior most faculty having vast research experience applying research methodology in teaching the curriculum framed by JNTUK.

List of UG Staff

S.No Name Department
1 Evuri Surya Narayana & HOD
2 B Bhavana Rushi Assoc Professor
3 B Sivaram Kumar Assoc Professor
4 T Satish Assistant Professor
5 S Naga Sri Assistant Professor
6 P Rajini Asssitant Professor
7 SK Rafi Assistant Professor
8 A Lavanya Assistant Professor
9 Abdul Rasheed Assistant Professor
10 V Padmavathi Assoc Professor
11 SD Akthar Begum Assistant Professor
12 Madhavi P Asst Professor
13 K V Sita Lakshmi Assoc Professor
14 T Bhavani Assistant Professor
15 K Naga Lakshmi Assistant Professor
16 G Bala Krishna Assistant Professor
17 Ch Bala Krishna Assistant Professor
18 K Srinivasa Rao Assistant Professor
19 Kolla padma Assistant Professor
20 Dolamani Podth Assistant Professor
21 Sk Khadar Basha Assistant Professor
22 BVS Naga Lakshmi Assistant Professor
23 N Neelima Assistant Professor
24 G Seetha Ramanjaneya


Assistant Professor
25 Ande Rama Nageswara Rao Assistant Professor
26 P Divya Assistant Professor

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