To attain a position of international excellence in education and research activities related to electrical engineering.
Provide a dynamic and scholarly environment wherein students learn independently and in collaboration with others to develop a disciplined as well as innovative approach to their careers as professional engineers, researchers or teachers. Ensure that every student is aware of the role and responsibilities of Engineer in society through the appropriate exposure to ethics, equity, public and worker safety and health consideration, together with the concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship.
The graduates will be

  • Engineering practitioners and leaders, who would to solve industry’s technological problems.
  • Engineering professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs engaged in technology development, technology development in engineering system implementation.
  • Functioning in their profession with social awareness and responsibility.
  • Interacting with peers in other disciplines in industry and society and contribute to the economic growth of country.
  • Successful in pursuing higher studies in engineering, management and science.


  • Analyze, Design and simulate diverse problems associated in the field of Electrical, Electronics and computer based system.
  • Ability to apply technological developments in field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in Societal and environmental Context and communicate effectively both individually and in multidisciplinary teams.