The cafeteria is open to students, staff and any other visitors to the campus. It serves with quality and wholesome diet to the students. Its area is well suited to have a peaceful munch.

Intense mental exertion exerts a toll on the body. That is why we’ve spared no expense to provide our students and staff (as well as their guests) with on-campus access to tasty, nutritious and affordable food. The spacious  cafeteria building easily accommodates our large and growing student population and the extended hours make it the perfect spot for a sustaining snack in the middle of a busy schedule in the pursuit of knowledge.

A large Mess Hall with a capacity of minimum 1500 members to dine at the same time enables all students and staff to have lunch and breakfast. A large modern kitchen with steam cooking is attached to the mess hall. A modem bakery unit and stationery unit are attached to the mess. There is a separate room one each for boys, girls, staff and VIPs’ in the Mess Block to dine.

Food Court Timings: 7.00am to 9.30pm