Life in college is a memorable experience and not just about classes. It is also about developing one’s extra-curricular talents and growing as an individual, rather than ending up being a one-dimensional techie.In Art &Cultural club ,the music , dance , debate, etc., can help in nurture talents. Also, if one is good at it, and club  take notice, you might just be a part of the team that represents the college in fests across the country. That would certainly give you bagging awards . There is no greater honor than representing the institute you study in.

Chirala Engineering College encourages Your achievements in cultural clubs act as valuable additions to your resume and showcase you in a better light. It is something that can come in handy during placements, as recruiters are constantly on the lookout for candidates who are capable of much more than their technical repertoire. Firms these days want employees who can contribute to the diversity of the work-culture in the office.

Club gives students the opportunity to meet monthly in a more relaxed and informal setting to discuss and work on art. Students may work on projects of their own interest or may use the time as an extension of an enrolled art class.