Someone once said, “A seasoned Engineer becomes a Manager”. How true? With the advent of Government Programs like “Startup India – Standup India,” there is no better time for young minds to become Entrepreneurs. Beyond a career of working for someone, by becoming an Entrepreneur, you become an employer yourself. Instead of taking a salary that someone gives you, you decide what to give to others as well as what to take for yourself. Sounds great, isn’t it?

India needs Leaders. Young leaders that are trained to take risks and do not hesitate to make decisions are the need of the hour in today’s global competition. There is an opportune world for the right mind. And, Chirala Engineering College gives a launching pad to get there. To become one. 

The Entrepreneurship Club is a place where you get to hone your skills, strengthen your personality, practice situation management, and groom yourself to be a future leader, an entrepreneur. When needed, you would be assisted in funding your initiative and hand-holding for an incubation period. Come, explore your future.